Wednesday, June 15, 2011

About Casefile Clues for Beginners

Several have asked "why?" another beginner newsletter? My answer is "why not?"

There is no way to tell if any venture is going to succeed unless you just simply give it a go and that is what we are doing at Casefile Clues for Beginners. We're going to try it for 6 months and at the end of that time, we will evaluate the newsletter and go from there.

I had individuals tell me that the genealogy world didn't need a newsletter like Casefile Clues and so far, we're still plugging along.

Casefile Clues for Beginners will be a lot like Casefile Clues, except that the target audience is researchers who are not as experienced in their search and analytical skills and that I won't be writing most of it. Otherwise, it will have the same philosophy as Casefile Clues:

  • no ads
  • no agenda
  • accurate methods and theory (but not as intense as with Casefile Clues
  • clear and easy to understand
  • geared towards the genealogist, not the computer techie
We don't have an advertising budget and are relying on word of mouth to get out the word. All of these things are done to keep subscription costs as low as possible. Casefile Clues for Beginners will be distributed twice a month, beginning on 8 June 2011.

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  1. I can give you one reason why ... it can help trigger a "brainstorming" session in your head. I can't count the number of times I've read one of the Casefile Clues and said "ohhh ... I never thought to look THERE" or "I never thought about THAT spelling ..." or "THAT relationship ..." I fully expect that the Beginners newsletter will affect me the same way.