Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Issue 6 is out...

Just sent. Email me at casefilecluesbeginners@gmail.com if you did not receive. On to the next one.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Want to Write for Casefile Clues Beginners?

I am looking for beginner-level material for Casefile Clues-Beginners. Articles should be between 400-1,000 words. Clear, concise prose necessary. Previously being published is not required, nor is being a "big name." Content should be geared towards beginning researchers and those with some research experience. Extensive case studies are not considered for submission.

Pay is not great, but you would be paid. Email me at michael.john.neill@gmail.com for details.

About Casefile Clues-Beginners

Casefile Clues-Beginners will be distributed as a PDF file attachment. There will be no advertising in the newsletter. It will contain:
  • 1 beginning article focusing on a basic topic or source
  • 1 beginning level article focusing on analysis or organizing
  • 2-3 reader questions with answers--we need questions--feel free to submit them. 
One concept we'll discuss is safely taking from online family trees, including:
  • how to evaluate what you find in online trees
  • using those "leaves" at Ancestry.com
  • determining when "suggestions" from online sites are "right" and "wrong"
We'll talk about the basics of sources and we'll also look at ways to carefully interact with compiled information others have submitted. We won't tell you to avoid the online trees altogether--that's unrealistic. But we will tell you how not to confuse yourself even more with them.

I will not write newsletter content once we get our readership up to where I can pay authors, but will be directing and choosing topics and exercising editorial control. We won't overburden with theory or citations, but that will be a part of the newsletter content. Our goal is to help make you a better genealogist as you get beyond basic home and online sources. We'll see how you can get beyond the online trees and avoid the pitfalls that trap some just starting out. As with Casefile Clues, our style will be down-to-earth, practical and yet informative and educational.

Visit our blog at http://casefilecluesbeginners.blogspot.com for additional details.

Spread the news. Thanks!

Issue 5 is out.

This went out late last night.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

We are back...

After some distribution issues we are back on track. 4 went out to test our new email. 5 is due out in 2 days. We are on an accelerated distribution schedule until we get caught up.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Subscriber Submissions

Don't forget--subscribers can submit questions for possible inclusion in the newsletter. Send them to beginner@casefileclues.com.