Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Subscribers to Casefile Clues for Beginners Will Get Free Copy of "Problem-Solving"

Subscribers to Casefile Clues for Beginners will get a free copy of my article from 2010: "Problem-Solving."

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  1. I love genealogy but have 2 brick walls.

    Washington A. Devaney, B. 1826 in NC. Found only in Blount Co. AL in 1880 Census.

    Clarissa Ann Key, mrd. John B. Kent abt. 1862.
    B. abt 1830 In NC or SC. Never found on Census until after John B. Kent's death in Civil War. He was from LA. but signed up for military svc. in TN. where he was enrolled in school. She remarried Jeremiah Stephens and they lived in GA.


  2. Clarissa Ann Key married about the start of the Civil War to John B. Kent. I was never able to put them in a household together. He was on the census with his family the last time I found him.
    Clarissa must have married pretty soon after his
    death. She had been raped by a Union Officer and was expecting a baby and must have been without anyone to help her so needed a spouse ASAP. She already had 2 children by John B. Kent. A woman alone in these conditions was in a bad situation at that time in History.